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H&H Constructions Inc.

H&H Construction Inc. has been operating in the Ottawa Valley since 1948 and is proud to continue operating and serving our community.

“Our strategy is to forge ahead, to keep going and improving a little bit every year, growing and shrinking as the market
demands, and to provide quality to the customer.”

H&H Construction Inc. manufactures its own aggregates and asphalt, giving our team almost complete control over our operations. H&H Construction Inc. is particularly adept in the manufacturing process due to its long time focus on this sector. Owning the entire solution not only gives our team quality control, but also cuts down on unnecessary costs. This is particularly the case when it comes to custom work, for which H&H Construction Inc. is well known. H&H Construction Inc. produces and provides custom aggregates for clients all over Ontario, Quebec and some in the United States. H&H Construction Inc. provides high quality products of all types.

H&H Construction Inc. has steadily grown to cover the complete chain of construction services, but our team’s commitment to each other and to our Clients remains as strong as ever. This family closeness extends to the company’s approximately 100 employees as well. Supporting employees and passing along core company values makes H&H Construction Inc. a stronger company. The result is a long roster of loyal customers.

H&H Construction Inc. boasts a number of high profile projects, both completed and underway. Our team acts as general contractor for most jobs, but we also subcontract out certain services when appropriate.

Most of the H&H Construction Inc. work comes through contracts or the tendering process. H&H Construction Inc. also provides many services for residential and commercial clients. H&H Construction Inc. is a proud supporter of our community which benefits not only local residents but our business as well.